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Inha University presents the Center for Innovation and industrial cooperation

The Inha University (IUT) in Tashkent created the Center for innovation and industrial cooperation, said the rector Sherzod Shermatov.

According to him, the new center has been established, in order to enhance the research and innovation potential of the university, to ensure the commercialization of scientific research and intellectual activities, creating conditions for the development of professional skills of university students, including their involvement in the development of software products, to transfer innovative products and services to the domestic and foreign markets.

The Center also aims to create the conditions for reaching a new level of professional education and fostering new thinking and the necessary professional skills in students. The Center will work in close collaboration with research and practice practitioners, the Rector added.

Shermatov said that the Center will collaborate with companies and organizations, to implement projects in the field of information and communication technologies. Students will be involved in these projects. This collaboration will allow the companies to obtain the finished product for their needs and give students additional knowledge and experience of working on a real project. At the same time the company will be able to prepare their own experts and employ students after graduation. Both companies and the students benefit from this collaboration.






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