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Online Lending Is the Thing of the Future
Online Lending Is the Thing of the Future

Soon Uzbekistan will develop a new online service - the online lending. Aloqabank officials has announced about this within ICTWEEK 2016.

Online Lending Is the Thing of the Future 24-09-2016
Online Lending Is the Thing of the Future 17
Online Subscription to Uzbekistan Today Newspaper and Other Publications Becomes Available
Online Subscription to Uzbekistan Today Newspaper and Other Publications Becomes Available

Within ICTWEEK 2016 the National postal operator ‘Uzbekistan Pochtasi’ has presented a new online service for registration and payment of subscriptions to periodicals.

Online Subscription to Uzbekistan Today Newspaper and Other Publications Becomes Available 24-09-2016
Online Subscription to Uzbekistan Today Newspaper and Other Publications Becomes Available 14
ICTWEEK Uzbekistan 2016 Kicks off Today in Tashkent

ICTWEEK Uzbekistan 2016 will begin with the traditional annual ICT Summit 2016. Forum will be held in the format of the plenary session, the purpose of which will be summing up the development of information technologies and communications of the year, discussing the strategic challenges facing the industry.

 Date Added: 20-09-2016
Number of views: 20
Uzbekistan Robot Technicians to Go to the World Olympiad

A team will be selected within the upcoming ICTWEEK to participate in the final round of the World Robot Olympiad in New Delhi, India.

 Date Added: 16-09-2016
Number of views: 28
Services of One of the Foreign Social Networks Become Easier to Use

Now, social network users in Uzbekistan can use the portals and, as well as mobile application UzCard, to top up their virtual account for the purchase of additional services: gifts, games and others.

 Date Added: 13-09-2016
Number of views: 26
Uzbekistan Post Is Introducing a Number of New Services

Modernization and introduction of new services in JSC O’zbekiston Pochtasi will be implemented in conjunction with the Korean partners.

 Date Added: 23-08-2016
Number of views: 97
Uzbekistan Joins the Countries Significantly Improved the Performance of E-Government

According to ‘The UN E-Government Survey’ published this July 30, Uzbekistan has risen up by 20 positions and took the 80th place among 193 countries.

 Date Added: 01-08-2016
Number of views: 202
Implementation of the State Interactive Services Allows to Save More Than Ten Tons of Paper a Year

Since January 2014, the Single Portal of Interactive State Services has registered more than 53.4 thousand business entities, to the result of which 10 tons of paper per year was saved.

 Date Added: 01-08-2016
Number of views: 136
Major IT Development Projects: Prospects for the Second Half of 2016

Seven priority directions of development of IT-technologies in the second half of 2016 have been determined.

 Date Added: 26-07-2016
Number of views: 175
IT Industry in Facts and Figures

The Ministry of Development Information Technologies and Communications of Uzbekistan has summed up the development of information and communication technologies in the first half of 2016.

 Date Added: 21-07-2016
Number of views: 216
New Rules of Providing Internet Services to Be Introduced

It is proposed to introduce a rule whereby to provide subscribers with access to the data network will be possible only in the evidence of the user’s identity and account of used web resources, with the preservation of the data within three months.

 Date Added: 19-07-2016
Number of views: 191
UT Expert: National Innovation System Needs a Virtual Fair

Which way should go the development of information support of innovative activity of scientists? Odilkhuja Parpiev, the head of the Executive Office of the Coordinating Committee for Development of Science and Technology shared his opinion on this matter.

 Date Added: 15-07-2016
Number of views: 162
E-Procurement Replaced the Traditional

Experts at the Republican Commodity Exchange of Uzbekistan note the positive dynamics in the development of e-procurement.

 Date Added: 13-07-2016
Number of views: 164
”E-government” center getting in touch with the population via Telegram

"E-government" center has launched two channels in Telegram messenger: egov business for entrepreneurs and egov News for population.

 Date Added: 07-04-2016
Number of views: 769
”Uzbektelecom” has reduced tariffs for Internet providers

"Uzbektelecom" Joint Stock Company reports a decline of tariffs for Internet services (external link) for Uzbek providers up to $ 115.26 for 1 Mbit /s from March 2, 2016.

 Date Added: 11-03-2016
Number of views: 530
The number of mobile users in Uzbekistan will reach 27 million by 2020

Uzbekistan government plans to increase the number of mobile users to 27 million by 2020 by commissioning more than five thousand base stations.

 Date Added: 09-03-2016
Number of views: 524
Uzbek programmers have developed Galagram messenger

Programmers of "Star Palete" have developed a messenger and called it Galagram, reports Agency for Intellectual Property of Uzbekistan.

 Date Added: 03-03-2016
Number of views: 850
Inha University presents the Center for Innovation and industrial cooperation

The Inha University (IUT) in Tashkent created the Center for innovation and industrial cooperation, said the rector Sherzod Shermatov.

 Date Added: 19-02-2016
Number of views: 581
Taxpayer identification number can be obtained online

State Tax Committee together with EPIGU simplified the procedure for obtaining INN number, by adding this service to Now it is not necessary to apply to the district tax inspection at the place of residence.

 Date Added: 18-02-2016
Number of views: 724