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World Health Day. Diabetes will be killed.

This year, April 7 - World Health Day is held under the slogan "Let’s kill Diabetes" upon the initiative of the World Health Organization Day.

Control of this sedentary lifestyle and malnutrition disease is equally relevant for all countries. Scientific and technological progress is merciless.

Today, at the conferences dedicated to this date around the world, frightening figures are announced, it is even worse to see the complications of the severe disease: heart attacks, amputations, and dysfunctional kidneys.

The need for improvement and introduction of advanced technologies to help those suffering from the complications of diabetes led to the need for restructuring the Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Center of Endocrinology about a decade ago.

Diabetic nephropathy department equipped with the most modern "artificial kidney" devices has been established here. Surgeons of Diabetic Foot Department together with specialists of the institutions equipped with angiographic devices have introduced many innovative technologies. Today, surgeries for restoration of blood flow in vessels are run for prevention of extensive amputations of extremities. Patients with spine complications are treated in the neurosurgery department. Ophthalmology Departments operating in collaboration with large eye clinics have been formed in endocrinological dispensaries across the country.

One of the latest innovations is the introduction of insulin-pump therapy by the specialists of the children's department of the Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Medical Center. Every year 50 children with diabetes from the state budget get the devices allowing them to improve the quality of life and reduce the risk of diabetic coma.

This day doctors once again remind that diabetes is not a sentence but a way of life. Following the recommendations of doctors you can live a long life. Endocrinologists’ offices of district medical associations, endocrinology clinics that exist in all regions, and the Republican Scientific and Practical endocrinology specialized center can help with it. And, of course, rural medical centers and family clinics which have the necessary equipment for diagnosis of the disease play an important role in this system. Doctors strongly recommend people above 40 to undergo annual examination at the place of residence.

Doctors still insist: it is better not get sick. That is why the project for prevention of non-communicable diseases, which are a major cause of mortality, has been launched in the country in the framework of "Health-3" project. The project will be implemented in several settlements of Kashkadarya and Ferghana regions in pilot mode. Here local government and public autonomous bodies, based on doctors’ recommendations will take measures that will reduce the incidence of non-communicable disease, including diabetes, risks. Key actions will be aimed at popularization of mobile lifestyle and healthy diet. In the future this experience is planned to be spread throughout the country.

However, it is not necessary to wait until the respective projects will begin in your village. After all, everyone can move more and eat right. Like they say, consult a doctor and take action! Thus, defending yourself against the disease, you make a contribution to the triumph over diabetes!

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