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Who is responsible for ineffective pills?

Inexperience of the pharmacist, advertising, attempts at self treatment, sometimes lesser known properties of drugs and medical supplies are among the causes of sad consequences. The adoption of the law "On medicines and pharmaceutical activity "  in new edition, tightened the requirements for the pharmacies, physicians and even patients.

The Head of the Center for policy of drugs and medical products, Muhabbat Ibragimova, explained the new rules in an interview with Uzbekistan Today.

Retail sale of drugs is permitted only through pharmacies and affiliates. They can implement only drugs, registered in the Republic of Uzbekistan or manufactured by the pharmacy.

The new law established that the head of the pharmacy and the director of the branch must both have higher pharmaceutical education. The information contained in the State Register of medicines, medical devices and medical equipment permitted for use in medical practice, lists of medicines sold without a doctor's prescription, the List of Essential Medicines, as well as the List of medical products is published on the official website of the Ministry of Health. Soon, a list of drugs for the treatment of patients with rare diseases will also be published.

State Pharmacopedia will be published to aid medical workers. This is a collection of documents containing requirements for medicines and medical devices, general knowledge articles and methods of quality control of medicines and medical products . Under the new law, Pharmacopeia will be reprinted at least once every five years.

The requirements for the placement of advertisment is regulated by a separate law of the Republic of Uzbekistan : law "On advertisement". The media is allowed to provide information only on medicines intended for minors, without a doctor's prescription, and only with the authorization of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

It is important to emphasize that safety and effectiveness of drugs depends not only on developers, manufacturers, doctors, but all of us. The world practice knows such cases, when suddenly and unexpectedly the side effects of the drug were detected after it passed all studies and was admitted to the market. Therefore, the new law prescribes pharmacovigilance. If the patient or the physician, in full compliance with the instructions for use of the drug, noted undocumented side effects when used, he must notify the Ministry of Health about it.

Specialists from the Ministry of Health will consider and examine this information. If the accuracy of the side effects listed in the message are proven , and if they are directly related to the use of the drug, appropriate measures will be taken. In this case, the powers of the Ministry of Health are wide: from changing the instructions for the use of the drug to extracting the drug from circulation and banning it. The same information will be conveyed to international bodies.

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