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What to do if you are asked to participate in a clinical trial?

With  introducing amendments to the law "On medicines and pharmaceutical activity ", the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan introduced several amendments regarding clinical trials.

It should be noted, clinical trials are an important step in the process of introducing new drugs in the market. It is required to examine their pharmacological properties, in order to determine safety and efficacy, acquire data regarding side effects and the effect of their interaction with other drugs.

 Now, before the start of the clinical trial, the medical institution, is obliged to conclude a contract of liability insurance in case of damage to life and health of the patient.

It is equally important that clinical studies involving minors are preceded by a study on adults.

In our country, as in many other countries, clinical studies , ie studies with real patients are allowed only after the ethics review. With the adoption of the new law, these procedures are spelled out at the legislative level.

The guidance is very relevant, since the intensification of the country's development of pharmaceutical activities increased  the chances of receiving an attractive offer to take part in clinical trials of new drugs. The trials look tempting, because the medicine is given free of charge, and you are led to think that it might turn out to be more effective than its predecessors.

The dynamics of the pharmaceutical market in the country is impressive. In 1997, there were only three pharmaceutical plants, producing 25 types of products, today there are more than a hundred, and the list of their products includes over 1,600 kinds of medicines. Many enterprises launched production of original drugs, developed by domestic scientists.

Since independence, the domestic enterprises produce 40 original drugs, developed by domestic scientists. There are more than 30 drugs being developed by research institutes.

As in the past, clinical trials will be carried out only with the permission of the Ministry of Health. The patient can take part in the trial, after giving written consent.







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