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Uzpharmsanoat Is Implementing a Project for the Production of Medications Based on Medicinal Herbs

Project of the SJSC Uzpharmsanoat for the production of medications based on medicinal herbs is meant for three years. It is planned to allocate 10 million hectares of land associated with forestry under the ownership of farms. Plantations will be created in each region of the country, and pharmaceutical companies start operating in the fields launched with the involvement of foreign investment. Production is scheduled for the end of this year and beginning of 2016. This is just one of 48 new investment projects planned by the SJSC Uzpharmsanoat for 2015. The total value of new projects is about $ 222 million.

Only in 2014 the SJSC Uzpharmsanoat companies produced 619 million pieces of pharmaceutical products totaling 543.8 billion soums. Medications produced by the SJSC Uzpharmsanoat companies are exported to nine countries. 

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