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Uzbekistan Introducing the Technology of ‘Second Birth’ of Newborns

The prenatal centers are adopting the technology of resuscitation of children with pulmonary disease who have a high risk to the death.

Respiratory distress syndrome is one of the serious problems that face doctors nursing premature newborns. This disease is manifested by the development of respiratory failure immediately after birth or within a few hours after. And within two or three days gradual recovery starts or death of the baby.

The reason for this disease is the lack of or insufficient amount of the body’s natural surfactant - a substance that prevents the decrease of alveolar exhalation and, accordingly, reduces the effort required for the unfolding of the lungs on inhalation. In other words, it is a substance that is necessary for the child, so that he/she could breathe normally.

If ten years ago there was a high risk of death of these newborns, then today the situation is changing. More countries are adopting in their clinics the replacement therapy, that is the child is administered the missing amount of surfactant. This became possible with the start of production of necessary drugs. During the ten years of practice, this therapy has been proven effective. Therefore Uzbekistan headed for the introduction of these technologies in domestic clinics. Within the State Program ‘Year of Healthy Mother and Child’ the prenatal center of the capital is starting to introduce this technology. 50 ampoules of the drug have been purchased for this purpose.

In the future, the technology will be implemented in all regional prenatal centers.
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