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Uzbek Ministry of Health to Update the Staff Standards of Medical Institutions

Further gradual upgrade and introduction of new staff standards for employees will be made according to the schedule for 2016-2018.

New standards will be developed based on the change in the nomenclature of organizations and positions as a result of equipping medical institutions with modern high-tech medical equipment and introduction of new methods and health care technology.

Some of the planned changes are already known.

In particular, the rate of load is getting revised of medical personnel in the central district (city) multidisciplinary clinics, ambulance services, branches of blood transfusion, as well as centers of state sanitary and epidemiological supervision in relation to the level of their equipment with modern medical equipment, taking into account the introduction of advanced technologies and methods of diagnosis, treatment, and laboratory studies.

Specialists are in demand for Sahovat and Murruvvat care homes for people with disabilities and the elderly. It is planned to intensify the assistance provided by the organization around the clock medical supervision, based on the specifics of the served population. For this purpose it is projected to create additional 246 positions of physicians and 149 middle and junior medical staff.

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