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UT-Expert: Danger of drug therapy or how to control a tablet?

There is no drug, intake of which would not be fraught with risk. All drugs have side effects, some of which can be fatal. How challenging is the situation in Uzbekistan?

Here is what Larisa Kadomtseva, PhD, assistant professor of general therapy, clinical pharmacology department of Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute, tells about it.

- The problem of adverse drug reactions is equally relevant to all. In some countries, the costs, associated with it, such as costs for hospitalization, surgery, and loss of productivity, exceed the costs of drug therapy. For example, in the US the annual costs, associated with drug therapy complications, are $ 70 billion.

Complications of side effects of drugs or improperly conducted drug therapy are a cause of more than 100 000 deaths. This unacceptable situation becomes particularly intolerable, when after mobilization of the most modern high-tech treatment methods to save a patient from his illness, the patient dies due to incorrect administration of a drug.

Today, experts from different countries agree that it is possible to prevent at least 60% of the adverse drug reactions, caused by following factors.

First, wrong diagnosis of a patient; the second is prescription of an improper drug or a wrong dose. In this regard, undetected medical, genetic or allergic conditions, that might cause a patient reaction, become relevant. Other common reasons include self-medication with prescription drugs, failure to follow directions regarding drugs intake, use of the substandard drugs, composition and ingredients of which do not meet the relevant scientific requirements, and use of counterfeit drugs. It seems urgent adverse drug interaction, including traditional medicines and some food.

By paraphrasing of the famous dictum, experts on safety of drug therapy have formulated the main principle of optimal indication and performance of medical indications: "It should prescribe the right drug in the right form and the right dosage to the right patient. The drug should be administered in the right way and the right time. Furthermore, necessary control over reaction of a patient to drug administration should be provided.

Study of clinical experience allows allocation of a number of system errors when performing medical indications, which are allowed for different reasons. Measures on their elimination must be carried out, and to be combined into a drug patient safety system, development and implementation of which is important task of a prevention and treatment facility. Basic safety measures should be formalized in the form of regulations, which all medical personnel should be familiar with.

The facts stated in foreign literature and specialist periodicals allow us to conclude that the main causes of adverse drug reactions are the same for all countries.

To avoid them, both a doctor and a patient must strictly follow instructions for use of drugs, which are described in the leaflet in the box of a drug. Discipline – is a guarantor of security.

Violation of storage instructions and control suitability of a drug result in sad outcomes. Physician, nurse and patient must strictly follow the instructions in indication, which are based on a thorough examination of the patient. Violations of instructions regarding the dose and mode of administration of a drug can be dangerous for health of the patient. It must be remembered that administration of drug to patient - is only half the battle, it is important to monitor the patient after administration of the drug. As it is known, adverse reactions of various forms and severity are observed not less than in one of the ten patients receiving drug therapy. The duty of the physician is to respond properly to such reactions. Here it may be withdrawal of the drug and change the dosage.

At the same time, the patient should not be a bystander; he should be the main controller of performing of indications and be demanding to himself.

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