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Too Much Salt in Diet Reduce Lifespan of People of Uzbekistan

According to the results of research conducted with the participation of the World Health Organization experts, Uzbekistan citizens should reduce salt intake to three times.

This was discussed at the round table, devoted to the study of salt consumption in Uzbekistan.

Today the country carried out the work on combating noncommunicable diseases, in which great attention is paid to the quality of nutrition. Excessive salt intake is not less dangerous than smoking and alcohol consumption, doctors say. The excessive salt intake promotes hypertension, which in turn leads to the development of heart disease and stroke. According to statistics, cardiovascular diseases top the list of death causes. That is why it is so important to control the amount of salt consumed.

The World Health Organization recommends using 5 grams of salt daily. However, the research has shown that on average, citizens of Uzbekistan eat it three times as much.

The annual consumption of salt in Uzbekistan is 130 thousand tons. The country has about 70 salt producers.

The first step towards reducing the salt consumption turned the measures taken under the Nutrition Improvement Program, according to which the restrictions imposed on salt in food.
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