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The salary of doctors will depend on the quality of services provided: Uzbekistan is introducing market mechanisms in healthcare system

The performance of the six national medical centers will be evaluated under the new rules. It should have a positive impact on the quality of medical services.

The Republican specialized centers for surgery, cardiology, eye microsurgery, urology and gynecology, medical rehabilitation centers that over the past two years converted into joint stock companies will be assesed. The new health care system more efficient in terms of the market economy will be introduced.

Along with changes in the type of legal entity, there was a change in rules of operation and assessment of public companies. In particular, now the activity of these medical centers should be guided by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers: "On the introduction of criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of the joint-stock companies and other economic entities with a share of the state."

Companies will be evaluated according to 26 criteria. The first thirteen criteria, relate to the results of financial and economic activity. Patients will be able to give incentive only if they give preference to the quality services,and choose the diagnosis and treatment with the most modern and efficient technologies.

And the second half of the criteria will help improve the quality of care. The management of the center is given incentive to engage in renewal of medical equipment, the introduction of new innovative methods of diagnosis and treatment, working in strict accordance with the needs of the population. Among the indicators are the depreciation coefficient of fixed assets, the utilization rate of available capacity, the share of expenditure on innovation activities in the total costs, the share of innovative services.

The Supervisory Board of AO will hear quarterly reports presented by the executive body and determine the effectiveness of the Integral gain. Also, the executive body of the established procedure will report to the State Unitary Enterprise " Center for the Management of State Assets”.

The system, which was activated on January 1, 2016, simply does not allow the management of centers to leave the obvious problems without proper attention and solutions. According to the rules the payment of bonuses and other material incentives in these institutions will not be allowed, without assessing the effectiveness of the establishment. The centers, which will get unsatisfactory (less than 40 %) or low (40 to 60 %) grade, will also not receive any benefits.

Moreover, the fate of the Head of the company, now also depends on this assessment - if the two quarter evaluations are not satisfactory or low, the Head of the company will be fired. 

All these measures will lead to the centers becoming more competitive on the free market. The raise in the quality of services will benefit the patients.

Experts note, that the new system forced the directors of companies to look for fresh managerial solutions and to address many issues.


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