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The Ministry of Health updated the list of essential medicines which are required to be available at local pharmacies

 The previous "List of essential medicines" was approved in December 2013. Why and what changed in January 2016? The Head of  the Center for Policy on Medicines and Medical Devices, Muhabbat Ibragimova answered this question in an interview with Uzbekistan Today.

The list of essential medicines is a list that meets the minimum requirement of a basic health care system, designed to treat the most common, socially significant diseases and to provide emergency medical care.

The idea is that a limited number of drugs is used in a general medical practice. Their careful selection should be based on clinical guidelines, making distribution more efficient. The list includes drugs labeled under their international nonproprietary name, in order to avoid promotion of products of any particular manufacturer.

WHO recommends that this list is revised every two years, taking into account the emergence of new drugs and disease situation in the country. Inclusion and exclusion from the list of certain drugs depends on the level of their significance for public health, based on evidence supporting their efficacy and safety, as well as comparative cost effectiveness.

The new list, which was approved by the order of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan №28, unlike the previous one consists of three parts: a list of essential drugs, list of drugs for minors and the list of medicinal products based on vegetable raw materials. 36 drugs by foreign manufacturers were excluded from the list. The new list includes new drugs, including 30 foreign produced and 14 produced in the country.

In total, there are 217 drugs in the new list of essential medicines, 51 % of the total domestic production of the drugs.

List of Essential Medicines includes 378 names of drugs belonging to 37 pharmacotherapeutic groups and 101 subgroups pharmacotherapeutic. Of these, 168 or 45 % is produced by domestic pharmaceutical companies .

330 names of medicines belonging to 35 pharmacotherapeutic groups and 88 subgroups pharmacotherapeutic is included in the list for the minors. Of these, 160 or 48% of the total produced in the country. List of basic products containing drugs of plant origin consists of 52 types of medicines belonging to 11 pharmacotherapeutic groups and  23 pharmacotherapeutic subgroups. Of these, 49, or 94% of the total is produced by domestic pharmaceutical companies.


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