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The Ministry of Health plans to modernize the blood service

Creating new drugs substantially reduced the dependence of the health care system on blood products. However, blood work is still necessary for certain types of treatment and the question of storage of blood products remains pertinent.

Implementation of the previous major project to modernize the stations of blood transfusion was completed three years ago. The Republican Blood Center at the Research Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion of blood and six regional stations were reconstructed in the framework of  "Improvement of maternal and child health " program, implemented by the Ministry of Health, together with the Asian Development Bank.

The rear of these centers was renovated and equipped with modern equipment necessary for collection, processing and storage of blood products. At the same time, these centers were equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment to prevent infection of viral diseases transmitted through blood.

To date, the Ministry of Health started implementing another project to strengthen the material-technical base of the blood service. It is planned to invest 4.62 billion soums and US $ 9.9 million in this direction in the near future. The construction of a new building for the separation of blood products begins this year at the Republican Blood Center of the Scientific Research Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion. It will be a modern production complex for producing drugs on the basis of donated blood.

The Tashkent city blood transfusion station will be renovated before the end of this year. 93 regional and national blood transfusion stations will be restocked with modern equipment.

However, the Ministry of Health will continue centralizing the blood service. The right for preparation and release of blood products will gradually pass to major regional stations of blood transfusion, which will significantly improve the quality control of blood products. The ground stations will assist in the organization of blood collection and delivery of products to the divisions of medical and preventive controls. Special vehicles will be purchased for the regional stations for the collection of blood on the ground - mobile donor offices.

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