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The Ministry of Health launches a medical examination of population

The traditional medical examination of the population under the motto: "No one will be left without care and attention!", will be held in a new way.

Similar events have become a tradition. These events combine medical examinations, provided by various social and health programs. The examinations are aimed at improving maternal and child health, as well as improving medical service for pensioners. The doctors involved in this examination are open for free consultations without appointment.

Experts from leading regional and national health agencies, research institutions and medical schools are receiving patients at regional hospitals.

300 leading scientists and highly qualified doctors of medical institutions of national importance will be involved in the examination of the population this week. Surgeons, obstetricians, internists, pediatricians, neurologists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, ophthalmologists, ENT, urological, orthopedic and trauma surgeons, dentists, dermatologists and venereologists - representatives of 22 medical specialties, are among the experts involved in the event.

The medical examination is organized under the new scheme in two stages.

During the first stage, the doctors of regional medical institutions in collaboration with specialists from regional medical associations will conduct testing of the population on their territories. Their task is to reach the most remote and inaccessible localities. Also they will conduct a survey of people in need of medical care using advanced mobile diagnostic devices - Flur-Mobile, ultrasound machines and ECG, in collaboration with doctors of rural medical centers and family clinics. As the result of this stage, tens of thousands of people have already received doctors recommendations and access to care.

The severely ill, from among the examinees, will be directed to the republican specialists for consultation. The specialists will make decisions and the patients will be provided assistance in healthcare facilities accordingly.

The Ministry of Health predicts that this action will be more effective than the previous ones. The medical examination will facilitate widespread use of the opportunities, created in recent years within the framework of strengthening the material-technical base of health care programs.

About 500 billion soums was spent on the construction, reconstruction and equippment of 141 health facilities last year. Regional diversified medical centers in Andijan and Bukhara, regional diversified children's medical centers in Karshi and Samarkand, as well as medical associations in a number of regions of the Republic were reconstructed. Rural medical centers were optimized and equipped with modern diagnostic and medical equipment.



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