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The Ministry of Health has established requirements for medical clothes

Medical professionals will be punished disciplinary for 'inappropriate' appearance.

The appropriate decision of the minister has already been performed on the ground.

Regulations on behavior culture of physicians as well as introduction of dress code were approved on January 20, 2016.

It covers the requirements for appearance of representatives of medical institutions staff.

Now, in medical facilities it pertains to dress in modern classical costumes, and while performing official duties - in white coat. It is prohibited to practice jewelry, hair should be coiffured.

Minister of Health of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, head of Tashkent and regional health departments, heads of medical educational institutions, research institutes, scientific and specialized institutes and centers, national health care institutions, and the state sanitary and epidemiological control centers provide strict implementation of the established norms.

Based on the existing requirements, the provision is included in the list of internal regulations in all medical institutions. Its study by all representatives of medical institutions staff is provided.

The established disciplinary measures will be applied against the violators.


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