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The government tightens the rules of certification for doctors

"Our doctor does not know anything", " Where can I find a good physician ?” Will these complaints be left behind?

Yes, but it will take time. The government issued a decree under which doctors are required to pass certification in accordance with the position they hold. The Cabinet made ​​yet another step towards the implementation and development of the country's mechanisms for improving quality of care.

Doctors recruited in the specialty after the completion of undergraduate, graduate studies, clinical internships or courses of primary specialization, are subject to attestation no later than three months after the expiration of three years of work in the relevant field. All other professionals should be evaluated every five years .

If a doctor suddenly "forgot" to attend the certification, then he/she will not be fired immediatly, but will be reminded of the assesment. In the case of repeated unexcused absences, the decision may be made to dismiss the doctor as being un-qualified for the held position.

In addition to the concepts:verified and unverified, the third term was appropriated- recognized for office on probation. These specialists will be immediately sent to advanced training on a fee basis, after which they will again attend certification. It is important that the certification of knowledge is tested, not only on the basics of health care, but also on the knowledge of modern technologies.

This is another incentive, which should help to ensure that our doctors are up to speed with modern technologies.







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