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Symptom turned out to be a disease. How to treat it?

Specialists of the Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Medical Center of Endocrinology developed a new highly effective method of treatment of endocrine ophthalmopathy (exophtalmus).

"Graves was the first who described endocrine ophthalmopathy or exophtalmus exophthalmia in the 70s of the XVIII century. That is why the disease is sometimes called Graves' ophthalmopathy. Until recently, it has been believed that endocrine ophthalmopathy is a symptom of autoimmune thyroid disease - diffuse toxic goiter. Currently, endocrine ophthalmopathy is considered a separate disease," one of the developers of the technology, Said Ismailov, says.

The new method of treatment proposed by specialists is based on the precise definition of the reasons that launched the pathological process. The treatment, which leads to attenuation of the inflammatory process and normalization of the eyeball, is chosen depending on the diagnosis.

"Endocrine ophthalmopathy is associated with diffuse toxic goiter in 90-95% of cases. Eye disease may occur both in midst of the underlying disease and in 10-15 years after its treatment, and sometimes - long before it," the co-developer Larisa Nugmanova explains.

Defeat of soft tissues of orbit associated with impaired thyroid function is the basis of endocrine ophthalmopathy. Retroviral or bacterial infection, exposure to toxins, smoking, radiation rays, sun exposure and stress are considered the pathology triggering factors.

The fact that ophthalmopathy refers to autoimmune diseases is also taken into account in appointment of treatment.

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