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Surgeons Perform First Transplant Operation of Eyebrowsin Uzbekistan

Such operations may help patients who are faced with the problem of thinning eyebrows, according to doctors of the Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Medical Center of Dermatology and Venereology.

- Eyebrows are integral parts of facial symmetry, unique distinctive features and an important element of aesthetic perception of appearance of each person. Both men and women face the problem of loss of eyebrows. Thinning or complete loss of the eyebrows can occur because of a number of reasons. Today, in our practice there are new technologies that can successfully deal with this problem, Ilkhom Rakhimov, deputy director of the Center said.

The Republican medical center has carried out transplantations of eyebrows that would restore their natural look or create a new one. The operation is performed under local anesthesia. The donor hair is taken from the occipital area of a patient.

-The first patients were four women aged from 26 to 38 years old. We have notedfor 1-1.5 months a gradual loss of the transplanted hair due to the life cycle of each hair follicle. However, the transplanted eyebrows take rootin the third month after the surgery, and the life cycle of the donor element has become identical to natural brows.

The results allow doctors to claim that FUT hair transplant technology is the most effective method of correction in partial or complete loss of hair in the eyebrows.

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