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Severe psychosocial disorders, more frequently in the form of depression, may occur in 20-30% of patients

Specialists of the Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Medical Center of Dermatology and Venereology have told about the results of their researches of modern life quality issues for people with sensitive skin.

UT has a conversation with MD Akram Rakhmatov:

- Any dermatologic disease affects significantly the overall health and quality of life, and for this reason 20-30% of patients may have severe psychosocial disorders, more frequently, in the form of depression. Questionnaires were developed for this reason; the most used is the dermatological life quality index, which was proposed in 1994. The higher the index, the lower the quality of life of the patient.

Currently, sensitive skin syndrome is marked as increased reactivity of skin in response to various exogenous effects, and it is clinically manifested by redness, scaling, reduced level of moisture, and presence of telangiectasias.

We studied the quality of life in patients with atopic dermatitis, vulgar and pink acne, in which the signs of sensitive skin associated with constitutional sensitive skin due to irrational use of skin care products are revealed.

Barrier properties of epidermis weaken in atopic dermatitis. Restoring the missing in stratum corneum components inevitably improves skin condition and reduces the severity of subjective symptoms in patients, which helps to improve the quality of life.

Unlike atopic dermatitis the cause of sensitive skin in patients with acne vulgaris is secondary in nature and caused by dysfunction of the skin barrier structures (lipid imbalance, skin degreasing, dry skin).

The mechanism of sensitive skin symptoms with rosacea is slightly different from that in atopic dermatitis, there is not only weakening of the skin barrier function as at pink acne, but a significant role is played also by vascular reactivity and hypersensitivity. Expressed subjective sensations presence as well as localization of rash on face lead to significant deterioration in the quality of life of these patients. It should be noted also the fact that development of the form is not particularly affected the quality of life of patients that may be connected with old age.

Thus, atopic dermatitis, vulgar and pink acne cause sensitive skin symptoms, which gives great discomfort to the patients. Practical dermatology has a variety of external treatments to eliminate the mentioned symptoms and, therefore, to improve the quality of life of patients in interrecurrent period.

So, to solve this problem you should promptly consult dermatologists.

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