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Seasonal flu is on the rise

(H1N1) commonly known as "swine flu” has spread across Southern regions of Europe, Russia, Ukraine and other countries. In Uzbekistan, the cases of infection were detected. The Ministry of Health is taking measures to prevent the spread of infection in the country.

The statement was made by Chief Medical Officer, Saidmurod Saidaliev on the basis of epidemiological and laboratory monitoring of infectious diseases.

The spread of the flu in the country is monitored and combated by the Republican National Influenza Center. The Center is equipped with modern equipment, allowing to identify all types of influenza and acute respiratory diseases. Experts note that a reliable way to protect against flu and its serious consequences is vaccination. Pupils of "Mekhribonlik" houses, senior citizens and health personnel have received the vaccine by the state. Those interested can get the vaccine for a fee.

Doctors recommend disinfecting the premises and observing good personal hygiene. Citizens with symptoms of disease are advised to contact the rural health units or family clinic in the community. Doctors strongly recommend not to self-medicate, because a proper treatment is possible only after the examination. Before arrival of the doctor, patients with acute respiratory diseases are advised to drink plenty of liquids.





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