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Reanimobiles for Medical Associations of Fergana region

Reanimobiles were transferred to district and city medical associations of the Fergana region in the framework of the project “Health-3”.

Successive reforms, implemented under the leadership of the First President of our country Islam Karimov, yield notable results in the protection of public health, strengthening the material-technical base of medical institutions, further enhance the quality of medical care.

In Fergana region, on the basis of the State program for reformation of health system special attention is also paid to the development of primary health services. In particular, all the 283 rural health units in the region operate in newly built and capitally renovated buildings and on the basis of the project “Health-3” equipped with modern medical equipment.

‘Today in the most remote areas of the region has been also created all the conditions for the provision of modern health services,’ - said head of the project “Health-3” regional health department Kahramon Otabolaev. ‘Over the past 5 years, was imported equipment worth 6.4 billion soums. Transferred to medical associations of Kokand, Margilan and Kuvasai, Besharik, Dangara, Buvaida, Altiarik, Kushtepa, Yazyavon, Quva and Fergana districts reanimobiles “Nissan” also serve to further improve the quality of health care.’ 
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