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Private Clinics Get Empowered

The Ministry of Health involves private clinics in the public provision of a wider range of high-tech surgical procedures using minimally invasive methods of treatment as well as treatment and prevention of a wide range of diseases.

Experts point out that “Since 2012 the number of private healthcare organizations increased from 2.2 to 3.3 thousand, while the volume of services provided by private healthcare organizations increased from 30.6 billion soums to 218.8 billion soums, or by 7.1 times. Within this period the number of medical institutions increased equipped with high-tech medical equipment, including those using magnetic resonance, computed tomography, from 21 to 71, and those having an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus from 382 to 981. In the last five years, medical equipment was procured worth 166.8 billion soums, of which 36.7 billion soums of the funds released from the tax and customs privileges provided to private healthcare organizations.”

In short, the private sector has become a reliable partner of the state for the development of a modern high-tech medicine. For further development of this sector a draft Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan has been prepared ‘On measures for further development of the private health sector’, which is currently under discussion.

In particular, it is proposed to adopt the updated list of specialized medical activity, based on which licenses are issued to private medical organizations. This will allow to involve the private sector in the provision of public high-tech surgical procedures using minimally invasive methods of treatment, in the treatment and prevention of a wide range of diseases.

To this end, private medical institutions are offered to use the released funds from the payment of taxes and mandatory contributions, together with the equipment of medical organization with modern medical devices, for the procurement of components, spare parts and consumables for the medical equipment, medical devices, and for the construction, reconstruction and repair of buildings and facilities of the medical organization.
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