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Pharmacies No Longer Be Able to Overprice Drugs

The Acting President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev has signed a Resolution ‘On measures on further improvement of public provision of medicines and medical products.’

From January 1, 2017 wholesale and retail sale of medicines and medical products both imported and of domestic producers, will be carried out with the use of marginal trade allowances determined regardless of the number of intermediaries involved in deliveries to wholesale sales - in the amount of not more than 15% of the purchase price; retail sales - not more than 20% of the wholesale price.

In addition, from January 1, fixed prices are set for 167 items of socially important medicines and 22 items of medical products, the most widely used in medical practice.

The prices will be determined on a quarterly basis by the Republican Commission for Control over Provision of Health Institutions and Population with Medicines and Medical Products on the basis of analysis of the situation in world prices for medicines and medical products in accordance with the approved procedure.

The Resolution defines the tasks to develop, in accordance with international practice, diagnosis and treatment standards and clinical protocols for major diseases. It is necessary for rational prescribing, with bringing diagnosis and treatment standards and clinical protocols to all health institutions, including through information system with public access, as well as strict control of their observance.

In two months it will be developed a draft regulation on the procedure for prescribing by physicians and sale of medicines by pharmacies, which will provide stricter punishment for those who have committed a violation of this order.

The resolution also provides for approval of an updated minimum list of medicines and medical products, mandatory for all pharmacies, and the list of medicinal products sold without a prescription.

The license of the pharmacies will be terminated in case of flagrant violation of the order of the pricing of medicines and medical products.
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