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Persons Entitled to Free Medical Care to Continue Their Treatment in Medical Institutions Passed to Self-Financing

The Ministry of Health will develop the Regulations on the arrangement of mixed financing of medical institutions of healthcare system.

Officials at the Ministry of Health state, the new document is necessary to establish a uniform procedure, principles and conditions of mixed financing of medical institutions. The relevance of these norms is due to the increase of health care facilities that have passed to the modern and effective forms of financing.

No less important point, which should take into account the developers of the document, according to the Ministry of Health representative, should be the order of approval of reimbursement of expenditures to patients with preferences for the medical institutions that have passed to the full or partial self-financing. This means that persons entitled to free medical care, will still be able to be treated in all state medical institutions. The institutions passed to self-financing, their treatment will continue to be carried out on the basis of orders, and the cost of treatment will be borne by the state.

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