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Only 33% of Patients in Tashkent Diagnosed ARVI Got Sick with Flu

Scientists of the Institute of Virology and the Service of State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance have published the results of the first monitoring the incidence of acute respiratory diseases conducted using methods of molecular-genetic diagnosis.

“Doctors often hear from patients despite receiving the influenza vaccine they got sick. In fact, it is because in fact people are not ill with the flu, but some other acute respiratory viral infection, which are dozens,” says the deputy director of the Institute of Virology, Renat Latipov. “From a medical point of view, the flu is an independent infection and for doctors to take effective preventive measures are very important to distinguish it from other diseases, moreover clarify its specific types. That is why last year in Tashkent for the first time was conducted monitoring of acute respiratory diseases with a transcript, that is the specific case of ARVI got specified with the help of molecular genetic analysis in a laboratory. In principle, all hypotheses regarding the incidence of influenza confirmed. Most people suffer from any other infectious disease, but not the flu.”

Patients of several family clinics in Tashkent with ARVI symptoms got involved in the research. Specialists of the clinics handed them samples for laboratory diagnostics in the Center of State Sanitary Surveillance equipped PCR analyzers, where with the help of modern technologies of molecular genetic analysis conducted specification of diagnosis.

The data allowed the doctors to get an objective picture of the disease, which are needed to improve the efficiency of prevention and control of influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections and their consequences. 

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