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One Hundred High Technologies from Urologic Complex

It has become a tradition with the national system of healthcare in recent years to introduce advanced technologies with the opening of every new clinic. The opening of the urology oriented “Urologic Complex” clinic was also a much promising event. After one hundred days after its opening, Uzbekistan Today correspondents have visited it to see what happened in reality. It turned out that its founder had not only implemented the idea but also continued to work on the introduction of new technologies, which have not so far been applied in Uzbekistan.

The Uzbekistan Today correspondent talks in detail on the daily life of the clinic with its chief doctor Oybek Rahmonov.

“Tell us, please, more about the clinic’s activities. Has it been able to realize its major idea?”

“Almost 1.5 thousand people have become our patients as of today, there are those among our patients who paid visits to us on the recommendations of those who had come to us earlier to seek assistance. Our idea in setting up this clinic was to make global level medical assistance available to Uzbekistanis, and, judging by responses, which our patients had left in our special book, we managed to achieve this objective. We make use of high technological methods of diagnostics and therapy, which help us avoid extensive soft tissue incisions, achieve the early rehabilitation of the patient and return to habitual rhythm of life.

“The choice of high-tech medical equipment has allowed us to reveal the essence of the entire practice inherent in the clinic’s name “Urologic Complex”. Today, we select the most appropriate high-tech treatment of patients and our prescriptions are no different from those, which could be made by contacting the leading urological clinics in the USA and Europe.”

“A number of advanced technologies for the treatment of various urological diseases have been introduced with the establishment of this clinic. Do they find their application?”

“Yes, of course. For example, holmium laser enucleation of the prostate adenoma (HoLEP) is the latest surgical, high-tech method for the treatment of BPH. This method meets the requirements of modern endoscopic surgery and is considered a surgery of choice and the “golden standard” in America and Europe. This technology has reached us relatively recently, but has already become a favorite one in the treatment of BPH. The advantages of this technology are in that this method is effective for any size of enlarged prostate, even when the chosen method is an open surgery (prostatectomy), lower risk of complications and rapid rehabilitation; the patient is discharged from the hospital within 2-3 days.

“Apart from that, our clinic makes use of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, in contrast to the previously used technology, which allows crushing stones in kidneys and urinary tracts without the use of anesthesia, with subsequent discharge of stones in the form of sand through the natural ways.

“On the whole, our set of tools allows you to remove the stones of any hardness and any location from kidneys and urinary tract through a natural urinary tract without punctures and cuts.

“We can feel proud that our clinic has implemented and carried out diagnosis and treatment of urethral stricture of any complexity, regardless of the extent and location of the urethra narrowed area, in accordance with the latest international standards.

“Let’s look into the future of the clinic: do you have plans to continue your innovative activity?”

“Sure, we do. The operating microscope made in Germany, which provides a twelve-fold magnification, will be installed the other day in the hospital. It will allow us to introduce a number of new technologies, in particular, microsurgical reconstructive surgery against male infertility.

“The Ministry of Healthcare plans to expand the list of medical activities, which medical clinics will be issued licenses for operation. With the issuance of relevant normative documents we will expand the sphere of our activities, and the introduction of the most advanced technologies will turn into our priority activity.”  

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