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Oncology 2021: Implementation of Da Vinci Surgical System Is Important

The country is in full swing development of oncology service program, which runs until 2021.

Cancer specialists presented the draft program to the Ministry of Health and relevant ministries and agencies. If the program is approved and implemented, it will be one of the most costly programs aimed at the development of health services, and most high-tech oncology health service. Director of the Republican Cancer Research Center Mirzagholib Tillyashayhov dwells upon the basic parameters:

“We come from the fact that at present we are able to recover 9 of 10 cancer cases.

To this end, we offer to launch two units under our center.

The Cancer Institute will be engaged in cancer epidemiology that is will examine the prevalence of cancer, and develop effective measures to reduce the specific form of the disease. The entire world to date wends this way and achieves good results. For example, in the US fight against smoking has become much more effective when determined, that this habit is a major factor in the growing number of lung cancer, in Japan for the fight against gastric cancer the availability of gastroscopy were increased and the situation was reversed.

The Institute of Experimental Oncology will deal with science. At first, it will be engaged in the problems of relationship of ecology and cancer incidence, the creation of new medicines from local raw materials, and the development of molecular-genetic diagnostics and predictive medicine.

At the current stage of development of oncology, all the regional cancer clinics have been reconstructed, and a large-scale reconstruction of the Republican Cancer Research Center is projected. Existing buildings will be reconstructed with a view to optimizing their use, there will be new buildings as well, in particular, we lay the construction of a new clinic.

We also offer to equip the Republican Cancer Research Center with the most high-tech equipment needed to treat the most complex cases of cancer. If this part of our project will be fully approved and endorsed by, our center will receive the equipment that will be purchased by the country for the first time. Among other things, we want to procure a magnetic resonance tomograph with hyperthermia function, which is required for accurate diagnosis and treatment of cancer with the use of high temperatures, positron emission tomography for the diagnosis of cancer, da Vinci surgical robot to perform high-precision and highly complex operations in difficult anatomical areas of the body, the HIFU apparatus - therapy for the treatment with ultrasound energy. Cancer specialists also plan to purchase angiographic system for diagnosis and treatment, cyber knife, which allows to remove the tumor without damaging the skin and other healthy tissues, and other equipment, which will significantly expand our capabilities.”

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