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Multivitamins - for pregnant women, vitamin A - for children

The Ministry of Health told about plans on mass prevention of diseases caused by insufficient contents of minerals in food.

$2.5 million and $119.2 thousand will be directed to continuation of implementation of programs for saturation of the market with fortified flour and iodized salt that is necessary for prevention of diseases caused by shortage of iron, folic acid, iodine, and other minerals.

Implementation of the program for providing special complex multivitamins for pregnant women living in rural areas will be preceded. More than 400 thousand women will become beneficiaries of the program this year. More than 3.3 billion UZS from the State budget to purchase will be directed to purchase of multivitamins for them.

Shortage of vitamin A, necessary for children growth, will be compensated by providing children aged from 6 months till 5 years with special medications. UNICEF will assist the Ministry of Health in implementation of this program. The project is valued at $129.0 thousand.

"Soglomavloduchun" fund will purchase vegetable soups, enriched with vitamins, for patients of institutional and medical and preventive treatment facilities of the country for 300 thousand UZS.

Besides, this year the Ministry of Health with support of UNICEF plans to conduct researches on implementation of programs in the field of nutrition improvement and prevention of micronutrient insufficiency for objective assessment of the performed complex of actions and additional new measures directed to strengthening of health of the population.

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