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More people are suffering from asthma. New drug trials.

The Republican specialized scientific allergological center analyzed 30 case histories of hospitalized patients with asthma, they also tested new drugs. 

Despite the emergence of new products and continuous improvement of therapeutic strategies and preventive measures, the World Health Organization notes the following. Firstly, 300 million people are suffering from bronchial asthma and increased incidences continue to occur. Secondly, asthma is becoming one of the most common diseases among children.

“Asthma is a chronic disease, characterzied by the presence of inflammation of the walls of the airways,the symptoms include coughing, difficulties to breathe,” said the director of the center, Ozodbek Nazarov. “Our task is to find new and more effective means of combating these symptoms, our research shows that the new drugs are effective for this purpose.

Currently, the most widespread and the most effective anti-inflammatory meause is the use of inhalers. Inspiron also provides anti-inflammatory effect on the airways. The uniqueness of this product is that it has properties different from those of classical anti-inflammatory drugs. Its structure is not related to any known group of steroids, or the known NSAIDs. Inspiron exerts its anti-inflammatory effect on both upper and lower airways. Anti-inflammatory effect has different mechanisms of action. The pharmacological properties of the drug can be used successfully in the treatment of various diseases of respiratory system and upper respiratory tract diseases.

As a result of the treatment, all patients had positive dynamics in relation to the clinical manifestations of the disease. All patients reported improvement in general well-being and improvement of exercise tolerance. Severity of clinical symptoms and the frequency of daytime and nighttime asthma attacks were reduced.




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