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‘Mobile Healthcare’: to Be Continued

What to eat for lunch? What to do if often thirsty? Many people in Uzbekistan already know the answers to these and many other questions thanks to the ‘Mobile Healthcare’ service. So today, the Institute of Health and Medical Statistics has begun to develop a new batch of useful recommendations.

The content service for cell phone users ‘Mobile Healthcare’ has been launched in the spring of this year by the Institute of Health and Medical Statistics in conjunction with the state PE ‘SmileMobile.’ The subscriber of any mobile operator by sending a short number 7878 SH (uz) or MZ (rus) receives daily recommendation of doctors to preserve health.

“To date, formation of healthy lifestyle among the population is a pressing issue. Holding various lectures, seminars, communications with doctors become extremely insufficient,” says Gulbahor Abdullayeva, Deputy Director of the Institute of Health and Medical Statistics. “We want to convey the importance of maintaining health to everyone in the country taking into account their interests, and to achieve this goal they take their mobile phones and launch the ‘Mobile Healthcare’ service.”

Today, users of this service choose by their own theme recommendations. Those include four main themes ‘healthy lifestyle’, ‘prevention of non-communicable diseases’, ‘prevention of infectious diseases’, and ‘mother and child healthcare.’ By subscribing to the service, a mobile phone user for more than 70 working days gets doctors’ recommendations for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. All recommendations are easy to follow and do not require extra costs.

“We see that the service is becoming more popular, and among them are many those who managed to get all the information stored in the database,” said Gulbahor Abdullayeva. “That is why our experts are actively working on enriching the database. Very soon, we will send information on new themes, in particular on the organization of a healthy diet, the preservation of mental health and others. We hope that in this way we will be able to better the quality of life of our citizens.”


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