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Ministry of Health will feed you: The government approved a list of persons, who are eligible to recieve free meals at health facilities

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the Regulation "On the procedure for organizing meals at stationary medical institutions of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan".

According to the new document, the list of persons exempt from paying for meals during treatment in hospitals  was expanded. In addition to persons receiving free treatment the list includes:

  • People with disabilities groups I and II
  • People with disabilities from childhood
  • Persons with disabilities and participants of World War II, as well as persons equal to them
  • Persons with disabilities who participated in the liquidation of the Chernobyl accident
  • Participants of labour front during the war of 1941 - 1945
  • Warriors - Internationalists
  • Orphans
  • Single pensioners, registered with the authorized bodies
  • Children under 18 years of age, as well as students of secondary special and professional educational institutions 
  • Recruits from 18 to 27 years, according to the directions of the Division of Defense, the conclusions of the draft boards
  • Persons who were awarded the badge "O'zbekiston Respublikasi Fakhri donor" ("Honorary donor of the Republic of Uzbekistan" )
  • Nursing mothers with children aged up to 1 year
  • HIV-positive (AIDS )
  • Cancer patients
  • Patients with mental illness
  • Patients with infectious diseases
  • Patients with substance abuse and addiction
  • Patients with endocrine disorders
  • Patients with ray diseases
  • Patients with leprosy
  • Patients with syphilis
  • Patients with tuberculosis
  • Patients admitted to the hospital with the diseases and conditions, requiring resuscitation and intensive care, in accoradance with approved standard deadlines of stay of patients in the delivery of emergency medical care
  • Pregnant women and mothers with anemia, regardless of the extent of the disease. 

The list does not apply to medical institutions, their branches and wards, operating under the terms of financing through extrabudgetary resources of these institutions (own sources), in which health care is provided on a fee basis.






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