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Ministry of Health now has ”trust line”

"Hello, ambulance?"

"No, the Ministry of Health."

Anyone dialed telephone number 1003 could be a participant of such a dialogue.

A week ago, this phone number belonged to the dispatching department of the emergency of a private clinic Doktor Servis. Now you can call ambulance of this clinic by 1072.

Information about the change of telephone numbers was published yesterday on the website of the Ministry.

Today, 1003 – is a single trust line of the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan, by which you can contact the Ministry with any questions concerning organization of medical care, provision of medicines and social services of socially vulnerable categories of citizens.

As the Ministry of Health commented, this change was made for the convenience of citizens. Yon can call a free public ambulance by 103. And by 1003 - to apply to the Ministry with a question solution of which is the responsibility of the institution.

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