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Medical Attention Enough for Everyone

The resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers ‘On measures to further optimize the structure of medical facilities and improve the healthcare worker salaries in Uzbekistan’ identifies priority areas to develop in coming years.

As part of this resolution the workload rate of medical personnel has already been revised in the central district (city) multidisciplinary clinics, ambulance services, blood transfusion branches, as well as the state sanitary and epidemiological supervision centers in relation to the level of their equipment with modern medical tools and devices, taking into account the implementation of advanced technologies and methods of diagnosis, treatment, and laboratory studies.

Enhancement has been implemented of medical care by medical and social institutions through the organization of round the clock medical supervision, based on the specific contingent served with the arrangement in the said organizations of additional 246 work places for doctors and 149 work places for middle and junior medical staff.

The rural medical centers and family clinics have now more visiting nurses, which will significantly improve the quality of health care. Now, three visiting nurses will serve 4000 people.

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