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Is the problem of the supply of medice for the patients with rare diseases solved?

With the adoption of the new law "On medicines and pharmaceutical activity" import of medicines for the treatment of patients with rare diseases can be carried out without state registration, according to the chief of the department of the Center of the drug policy of the Ministry of Health, Muhabbat Ibragimova. This new law should contribute to solving the problems of providing the population with orphan drugs.

Orphan drugs are used to treat diseases that occur in a few cases per 10 thousand people. The main problem of their delivery to the Republic was that the wholesale and retail trade were not  providing these drugs. The demand for them is small, and therefore they can’t generate significant profit, given that the hassle with the registration procedures was the same as fot the other drugs. It may sound cruel, but pharmaceutical companies operate under the laws of the market: more profit at the lowest cost.

The permission to import orphan drugs without registration, should help ensure that commercial enterprises are more willing to engage in the importation of these products and, consequently , improve the supply for the population.

In the near future, the Ministry of Health must approve the list of orphan drugs. The process of preparation and discussion of that list is in full swing. Leading specialists in all areas of medicine are taking part in the forum.




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