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How to help your child hear?

Auditory neuropathy is often described as the "newly discovered form of hearing loss.

This hearing disorder is characterized by the normal function of the outer hair cells of the cochlea in conjunction with irregularities of the afferent nerve impulse transmissions. Diagnosis of the disease typically occurs between the ages 1 and 4.

Since the opening of Otolaryngology Department, as part of the Republican Specialized Practical Medical Center, young patients have a better chance of recovery. Now it is also possible to treat the disease via cochlear implants.

However, clinicians are now faced with a choice: are implants or hearing aids better for the patients? Research shows each case demands individual approach.

16 children from 8 months to 6 years old were diagnosed with auditory neuropathy within the last two years. Three patients were treated via cochlear implantation, and the rest of the patients were prescribed hearing aids.

Mahmudov and Amanov, the leading specialists of the clinic, report: "After 6 months from the implantation, we could observe positive results - there was a reaction to the sounds and the children began to utter the first words. The rest of the children with the hearing aids and rehabilitation for 6 months showed no audio verbal signs. Children who were implanted with cochlear implants continue the rehabilitation process; they show a reaction to sounds, and begin to pronounce primary sounds no different from other children with implants. "

As a result, experts have come to the conclusion that the method of treatment for children with auditory neuropathy has to be chosen individually with the assistance of an audiologist , a psychologist and a surdopedagog.

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