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High-Power Surgical Laser to Be Applied in Uzbekistan

Tashkent surgeons are one of the first in the world start using a surgical laser of 110W power. Today, it is the most high-power medical laser.

The history of the development of laser surgery in Uzbekistan goes back several decades. The first in this direction were the specialists of the Vohidov Republican Specialized Surgery Center.

“The advantage of using laser technology in surgery is obvious,” said the deputy director of the center, Professor Yuri Kalish. “Laser technology allows to confidently operate on organs and tissues severely damaged from disease while blood loss is minimal. The surgeon does not need to put extra effort to dissect tissues, and he is fully focused on performing medical procedures.

The energy of waves is well absorbed by the water, which in large quantities is in the human body tissues. Intensive absorption leads to an instantaneous ablation and effective removal of tissue, and shall depth of penetration provides for controlled resection and ablation of tissue without charring and uncontrolled necrosis.

With the development of medicine and technology the scope of application of laser technologies has expanded. Today, many clinics are fitted up with the necessary equipments.

It turned special the appearance in the country of the surgical laser MultiPulse HoPlus, with power of 110W. It will be used in the new Urologic Complex.

Today it is the most powerful holmium laser in the world, and only several clinics around the world have it. It is also called the future device that ensures high efficiency and safety.

“High energy and pulse frequency of the holmium laser with a power of 110W provides a quick and effective impact on the body tissues,” says head physician Oybek Rakhmonov.

The new device will be widely used in the treatment of urolithiasis, BPH and other urological diseases.”

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