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‘Healthy Lifestyle’ Service to Be Reorganized

The Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan is taking steps to optimize the network of medical institutions involved in the formation of a healthy lifestyle.

All 123 district (municipal) health centers that perform the function of cultivation of a healthy lifestyle in the population, raising the level of medical culture in families are included in the central multidisciplinary polyclinics of district and city medical associations at the place of location as a structural unit.

According to the representatives of the Ministry of Health, it will contribute to the approach of doctors promoting healthy lifestyle to the people. Erasing administrative facets simplify the study of the problems of a healthy lifestyle and will contribute to more active work with the population.


Doctors promoting healthy lifestyle will play an important role not only in improving the medical culture, but also collecting and analyzing the real state of healthcare system, which would be necessary for the performance of their parent institution.

However, as noted previously, in 2017 the Institute of Health and Medical Statistics will also face major changes. The Research Institute for study of issues on improving the system of healthcare organization, increasing the efficiency and quality of medical services, implementing the systematic monitoring and analysis of the health status of the population, the analysis of the development prospects of the healthcare industry will be established at its base.

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