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Health Museum to fill ”gaps” in the exhibition

Uzbekistan has been creating the first electrified map "Modern system of medical care in Uzbekistan." It will be located in the Museum of Health.

“A large-scale work on renovation of the exhibition has been being conducted in our museum. Many years has passed since the creation of our exhibition, major changes have occurred in the health care system over the last 24 years, and they will be reflected in our exhibition. We do this not only because it promotes and perpetuates the development of healthcare, but also at the request of our visitors. This part of the exhibition will be interested to physicians – the active participants of all transformations, because it is always interesting to see what happened from the outside,” the director of the Health Museum Vladislav Bolkunov says.

The central place in the renewed exhibition will take the first electrified card "Modern system of medical care in Uzbekistan." It will be of impressive sizes 2X6 meters. It will reflect all the major medical institutions of the country, representing modern health care system.

“We will have to make changes to the developed projects in view of the recent changes, according to which systems of the former Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, institutions of medical and social service for socially vulnerable segments of population were transferred to the Ministry of Health,” Vladislav Bolkunov noticed.

Primary health care will take a special place in the updated part of the exhibition. The history of its development will appear on "Yesterday-today” principle. Emphasis will be made on the creation of rural health units’ network, which has contributed to approaching the quality health care to remote areas of the country. Transition of primary health care to general practice is in the focus of attention.

Portal of personalias reflecting contribution to the development of modern health care model of notable leaders and eminent scientists will be presented at the entrance of the exhibition.

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