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French Doctors to Help Uzbek Colleagues to Learn Robotics

Three specialists of the Vohidov Republican Specialized Center of Surgery master robot-assistant technology of surgical treatment and liver transplantation in the Henri Bismuth Hospital in France.

“An agreement on this internship was reached at the Congress of Transplant Surgeons of the CIS held in Tashkent,” Feruz Nazirov, director of the Vohidov Republican Specialized Center of Surgery, said.

“Two surgeons are tasked to pay special attention to the study of the experience of the robot-assistant operations and liver transplantations. In anesthesiologist has a little different task. We want him to focus not only on issues of anesthesiology and resuscitation of these patients, but also on the therapeutic management of these patients in the preoperative and postoperative period. Thus, we will continue the training of specialists, particularly young ones, for they could continue our practice and develop a complex area of ​​surgery here in Uzbekistan,” told Feruz Nazirov, and spoke about the importance of internship for the further development of surgery at the Center.

“Currently, we are actively developing endovisual surgery. Implementation of robot-assistant technologies is a logical continuation of this process. Today we prepare specialists and start working out the details with the acquisition of a robotic surgeon. The development of these technologies will significantly improve the quality of treatment, because their main advantage is the highest accuracy, and reduce costs to combat post-operative complications.

With regard to liver transplantation, our team is ready to perform them. We are waiting for the relevant law. In the upcoming internship these operations is also interesting because a number of techniques are use in performing these operations, which are also used in other surgical interventions on the liver, such as resection of large anatomical zones of the liver. We perform such operations, and want to improve the technique through mastering the international experience.”


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