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Food’s Good

“Hygienic requirements for organization of nutrition of sports schools students” sanitary rules and norms have been introduced for the first time in Uzbekistan.


The documents had been elaborated pursuant to the minutes of the meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Fund for the Development of Children’s Sports in Uzbekistan and the Complex of Measures on securing healthy nutrition of the republic’s population for 2015-2020, according to the Ministry of Healthcare.

“Elaboration and approval of the rules are the response to dynamic development of children’s sports, construction of new children’s sporting facilities and the growing number of children regularly going in for sports,” commented deputy director, head of laboratory of adolescents and children under the Scientific-Research Institute of Sanitary, Hygiene and Professional Diseases, Roza Komilova. “Compliance with these rules means to take care about children’s health, because the intensification of training sessions, the method of early specialization without consideration of anatomical and physiological peculiarities, physical fitness and physical development of a child often leads to injuries and diseases of a young athlete.”

“To ensure a normal course of the training process a child should get sufficient quantity of vitamins, microelements and other nutrients along with food,” the specialist noted. “To ensure compliance with the norm the regulation provides an approximate menu for a week, as well as the methods and rules of monitoring the quality of food.”

The sanitary rules are binding for educational sports institutions and educational establishments with sport clubs (sport sections and hobby clubs) for training students.  

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