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Equipping health facilities with new equipment is half the battle

Using all the possibilities of modern equipment in the district and city health associations of the country required doctors to improve computer literacy.

391 medical facilities are planned to be equipped with modern medical equipment within the "Health-3" project, including district and city medical associations, central city multidisciplinary medical and family polyclinics.

Equipment is received upon completion of reconstruction and repair of buildings of the medical institutions.

To date, the project purchased and delivered to medical facilities 116 X-ray machines, 115 digitizers, 115 ultrasound scanners, 355 autoclaves, 1150 syringe pumps, 470 drying ovens, 546 distillers, 661 centrifuges for laboratories, 575 refrigerators of three types, 355 portable ECG machines, 460 monitors for patients, 920 pulse oximeters, 634 handbags-refrigerators for vaccine storage, and 115 gastroduodenoscopes. Gynecological and surgical instruments, stadiometers, scales for adults and children, accessories kits for ophthalmologists, otolaryngologists are also delivered to these facilities.

Team of installers conducts initial training of medical staff in use of the equipment. During these sessions it has become clear that the majority of doctors have to take courses of computer literacy urgently in order to fully utilize all the features of the equipment.

Further increase in the level of training takes place in the training centers of the republican specialized organizations and Tashkent Medical Refresher Institute. For example, radiologists have retrained on the basis of the Republican Scientific Center for Emergency Medical Aid. The participants of the workshop have been studied issues of technical devices and operating systems, as well as digital imaging within five days. Each of the participants has had practical exercises to consolidate the acquired skills. Testing the knowledge gained was conducted at the end of the workshop, the results of which have been issued in the appropriate certificates.

The Ministry of Health takes a set of measures ensuring all the supplied equipment to be used to the full.

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