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Endocrinologists Urge Pregnant Women Be Aware of Goiter

Specialists at the Republican Center of Endocrinology have proposed a method of improvement of health of newborns from mothers with autoimmune thyroid disease.

Autoimmune diseases are those associated with the violation of the human immune system, which begins to take its own tissue as foreign and damage them. These diseases are also called systemic, because, as a rule, the whole system is affected, or even the entire body.

Correction of thyroid abnormality in infants born to mothers with Hashimoto disease and diffuse toxic goiter includes the diagnosis and treatment of neonatal thyreopathie, osteopenia, anemia, psychomotor disturbances.

This set of measures contributes to a better neonatal adaptation of infants to postnatal life, reducing the duration of bile-stained period, manifestations of prenatal encephalopathy, psychomotor retardation, early anemia, disturbances of bone status.

Timely detection of neonatal hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism reduces the risk of psychomotor retardation, somatic diseases, especially cardiovascular disease.

Today, the specialists at the Republican Endocrinology Center recommend all women with thyroid disease as early as possible to show their newborns to specialists for the prevention of various pathologies.

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