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Echinococcosis among children: doctors strongly recommend do laparoscopic surgery

Despite announces of some experts echoinococosis remains one of the main problems in pediatric surgery.

Today, when children's hospitals are equipped with modern Endovisual equipment, the matter of choice of treatment technology of this disease arises more than ever. Which is better: traditional or modern technology? The answer to this question was given by experts of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Minimally Invasive and Endovisual pediatric surgery.

- Reports on significant reduction in echoinococosis incidence among people, met before in literature, likely to be attributed to imperfection of diagnostic methods in the past and some increase of sanitary and hygienic standards of population, - Shavkat Salimov, the director of the center, said. - The fact that echoinococosis remains a major health and social problem evidenced by numerous publications in the world medical literature.

Echinococcosis - is a widespread worldwide parasitic disease. The incidence is much higher in the areas with developed animal breeding.

- Currently, surgical technique is the only effective in treatment of echinococcosis. Methods of surgical treatment of echinococcosis can be divided into traditional - "open" and "minimally invasive" - "closed", - Dr. Shavkat Salimov said. - Minimally invasive, in turn, are subdivided into paracentetic procedures and laparoscopic surgery. Indications and contraindications for Endovisual surgery are the subject of debate.

The most urgent this issue is in pediatric surgery, as post-operative rehabilitation and speedy recovery are very important here. So, what is the best way of children with liver echinococcosis surgery?

Results of treatment of 208 patients with liver echinococcosis have been analyzed. All patients, depending on the type of surgical interventions, were divided into two groups: control group – surgically operated with "open" method and basic group – with the laparoscopic.

- Laparoscopic surgery in children causes less surgical aggression for body. Postoperative period is more gently compared to traditional surgical interventions. Duration of hospital stay is reduced almost twice as well as postoperative complications, - Shavkat Salimov concluded. - That's why we strongly recommend physicians to treat this disease with the latest technology.


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