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Domestic Neurosurgeons Remove Brain Tumor for the First Time using Latest Navigation Systems

The Republican Scientific Neurosurgery Center conducted several demonstration operations to remove brain tumors using the most modern navigation systems.

One of the biggest problems of neurosurgery is tumors located deep in the brain. Surgeons have to remove the tumor, touching as little as possible the surrounding brain tissue. Modern minimally invasive technology has developed this direction of medicine. Many innovations have been introduced and actively used in the Republican Scientific Center of Neurosurgery.

Recently, master classes have been conducted with the participation of specialists from Ukraine, Germany and the UK on the basis of the center for surgeons. They have come to our country in the framework of academic exchange. This time, the subjects of an exchange of experience were the issues of use of navigation systems in neurosurgery.

- Modern systems allow surgeons to accurately determine the location of the tumor and calculate the shortest and secure access to tumors. As a result of operations carried out with the use of the equipment, the risk of complications and disability of the patient is reduced, the vice-president of the Association of Neurosurgeons of Ukraine Aleksandr Wozniak said.

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