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Doctors warning: children affected by hypertension

Specialists of the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute studied the incidences of high-normal blood pressure and hypertension in children up to 7 years.

We interviewed the research author, Fatima Ahmadova:

- Primary hypertension is significantly "younger" and is not uncommon in children, and especially teenagers. During the last 3-7 years, the blood pressure remained elevated in 33-42 % of adolescents and in 17-26 % hypertension progresses and turns into hypertension disease. These results were obtained by observing 132 apparently healthy school children.

By the way, in the world practice, measuring the blood pressure in a doctor's office, formed the basis of modern ideas about the potential risks associated with hypertension. The blood pressure measurements are a reference point for the management of patients for many years.

We need to improve the system of primary blood pressure screening, also for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. This will allow time to identify the cases of blood pressure problems in children, and depending on the diagnosis, direct them for clinical examination and treatment.



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