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Doctors implement diagnostic technology using biochips

Medical chip reader has arrived to Tashkent. The Research Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion has been preparing for implementation of the new ultra-precise diagnostic technology.

In the near future the equipment will be delivered to the Department of Molecular Medicine and Cell Technology of the Institute. The head of the department, Professor Khamid Karimov explained to the correspondent of Uzbekistan Today what the new equipment will change:

"We prepare for use of biological microchips or, as they are more commonly called, DNA microarrays in practice. This is one of the latest tools of biology and medicine of the XXI century. We will be the first clinic in Uzbekistan, where these technologies will be applied."

Biochips were invented in the late 90s by Russian and American scientists. They are now actively produced by several American biotech firms. They are also produced in Russia, at the Center for Biological Microchips of the RAS Institute of Molecular Biology.

Biochips are used in medicine for a variety of purposes. They will be used in our institute for diagnosis of leukemia and other cancers.

Biochips enable fast, in a matter of days or even hours, distinguishing types of leukemia, which are indistinguishable externally. Patients can be cured quickly and effectively by modern medicine in some leukemia types. In the other cased it’s not worth even to try curing – it must to do bone marrow transplantation immediately. Types of leukemia are difficult to distinguish, so the treatment strategy has to be chosen correctly from the moment of detection of the disease.

The equipment is necessary to use this technology. The chip reader ordered by our clinic has already delivered to Tashkent. The chips will be purchased in the nearest time. The negotiations with the manufacturers are now in full swing.

Practical use of the new technologies is planned to start prior to July.

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