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Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Diseases to Become More Accurate

The Republican Cardiology Center is taking steps to improve the accuracy of patient examinations before prescribing the treatment with the help of modern high-tech methods of diagnosis.

New equipment to improve the accuracy of the medical examinations will be installed in the Center under the ‘Cardiology Center’ program that is getting implemented within the KfW Entwicklungsbank loan.

In particular, PCR registration system is procured, which is necessary for the diagnosis of diseases and verification at the molecular genetic level.

The Center increases the number of stress-systems in four. Stress-system is special medical equipment, which is intended to monitor cardiac activity under the influence of physical activity. The complex includes a computer cardiograph, a computer with the operating system, which contains a program for the treadmill test, motorized veloergometer, and a set of medical instruments and sensors for the test. Automatic mode in some models will allow to create and store data up to 30 examination records. Loading test is required for those patients with pathology at ECG resting. Heart disease in such people is identified only under the influence of physical activity. A method and course of treatment is assigned based on these results.

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