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Diabetes as a Way of Life

Numerous events have been carried out throughout the country timed for the 14th of November – the International Day to Combat Diabetes. Doctors and volunteers have again reminded the simplest rules for prevention and treatment of diabetes.  

Despite numerous research work carried out in different parts of the world, the scientists are still not able to treat the diabetes, hence they appeal to everyone to follow the elementary rules of healthy way of life, which can help reduce the risk of this disease.
It is well known since long time ago that diabetes is a disease of sedentary lifestyles. Today, the country is undertaking all measures to reverse this trend. We are all witnesses to how the once desolate area today turn into playgrounds for various outdoor games. The number of sports centers and gyms has increased significantly. Doctors call on everyone to visit these complexes and include them into the schedule of each individual’s recreational activities.
Also, doctors have been actively promoting proper nutrition. In particular, specialists of the Institute of Health and Medical Statistics urge everyone to pay attention to the richest variety of fruits and vegetables in our markets, which pricewise are much more affordable and healthier than meat and meat products. The increase in the volume of vegetable food products does not only mean saving financial resources, but also care about one’s health. At the same time, doctors continue to improve the quality of assistance to those who failed to avoid the burden of diseases. The Republican Specialized Scientific-Practical Medical Center of Endocrinology keeps carrying out the functions of a head office in charge of introduction of innovations.  
Today, its experts continue introducing insulin-pump therapy in the treatment of diabetes in children. Special devices help children to control the level of sugar and insulin in the blood and prevent the occurrence of various complications.
Opening of a department of diabetic ophthalmology within the structure of the Center has become the latest innovation. Its experts specialize in helping patients to prevent the onset of irreversible blindness. By the way, in the past the Center for the improvement of assistance to diabetes patients had opened departments for the treatment of renal failure (with hemodialysis) and diabetic foot.
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