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Computer Tomography Becomes Free for Cancer Patients

The Ministry of Health equips oncology clinics with modern computer tomography.

Computer tomography has long been an integral part of examination of cancer patients as a method to establish the most accurate location of the tumor. However, today the entire oncology service in Uzbekistan has one computer tomography, which has already been used for more than ten years. In other clinics with necessary equipment patients have to pay to pass the examination.

The situation is going to be changed radically before the end of 2016. As part of the Program for the development of oncology service, which runs until the end of 2016, the Ministry of Health with the participation of foreign financial institutions acquire new computer tomography for the Republican Oncology Research Center and the regional oncology clinics.

“The oncology service receives this amount of computer tomography for the first time,” said Mirzagholib Tillyashayhov, the director of the Republican Oncology Research Center. “An examination using this equipment will be included in a package of free medical services provided by the state to cancer patients. We are confident that this step will significantly improve the medical care of our patients.”
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