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Cancer Specialists Preparing to Work with CyberKnife

One of the areas currently under development within the Program of Oncology Service Development by 2020 is the introduction and development of non-invasive methods of removal of tumors.

The launch pad for the development of a new field of medicine in the country will be the Republican Cancer Research Center. It is planned to install here the latest medical equipment - cyber-knife system. It is a non-invasive and painless alternative to surgery in the treatment of many cancers. Deleterious radiation to malignant cells with high accuracy is delivered directly to the tumor without damaging healthy tissue.

“To date, about 250 devices are applied around the world, with which more than 100 thousand patients have already been treated,” emphasized the director of the center Mirzagholib Tillyashayhov. “The technology has been proven effective, so in the near future we are going to implement it in Uzbekistan.”

Radiosurgical operation using cyber knife is able to completely deliver the patient from cancer. Any cuts are made, so and the healthy tissue does not suffer. The course of treatment includes from one to five sessions of stereotactic irradiation. Preparation usually takes several days. Duration is from one hour to one and a half. By its efficiency cyber knife surpasses standard radiation therapy.

“The introduction of treatment technologies with the use of cyber-knife will be a logical continuation of the work to increase the number of cases of diagnosed cancer in the early stages,” underscored Mirzagholib Tillyashayhov. “Because this is the case, when the tumor is in the early stages can be removed without surgical intervention.”
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